Walking Down The Same Alleys We Used To Walk Through Before You Left Me


(another one from my book: The Aftermath, etc. by Get in the car, Helen–published by Nate Jordon/Monkey Puzzle Press)

walking down the same alleys we used to walk through before you left me


I walk down the one

that shares dirt

with a church


the exact spot where we both stopped

one night

long before this nightmare

had ever heard of such things

                as dreaming


coming home from the bars

3 blocks from our apartment

surrounded by the chocolate syrup

                of night


and you had to piss

and I had to piss


so we both did

what we needed to do


which back then was the same thing


we both had to piss


so we did


you on one end of the block

and me somewhere in the middle


that’s when I saw the cloaked man

appear like a fucked up Geiko commercial

                from the shadows


he was a cop


and I heard him say something to you

that I can’t remember


your pants pulled up real fast

during the exchange


and then he walked over to me

as I re-sheathed my own



shaking his head

as he quoted me the current

laws against public urination


I tried to explain to him

that we lived only a couple

                of blocks away


and that we weren’t drunk driving

we were just drunk walking


and that there was nobody else


except him


and surely he’d been in a public

bathroom before

and witnessed complete strangers



ergo: nobody gets hurt


he wanted to lecture me

on the sins of peeing on a church


but I rebuked his verbal charges

insisting, which was true


that I wasn’t peeing

‘on’ a church

I was peeing ‘next to’

a church


and then I started laughing

and he started laughing


and then just like you’ve done



all these many months later


he turned his back

on the whole thing


and let us go

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