If Your Boobs Cost More Than My Car Payment


if your boobs cost more than my car payment


if your boobs cost more than my car payment

then I might need a ride back to the house

why does this general anxiety against everything

insist on throwing our potato chips in the oven?

I’m afraid

your smile no longer comes naturally

the upward curves

look digitally inserted

your wide lens invokes isolation

this telescope cracked by your silicone distance


what the Big Dipper lacks in youth

it more than makes up for in sense

of humor and the subtle joke of perspective


7 crabs + 2 crabs = see a doctor and get rid of it


with the sea shells singing

like recently pardoned criminals raised on

grain alcohol and pure rain water

sea level begets sea level

dusk hearts dawn


(from my book Dusk Hearts Dawn aka Package Gigantis in the Deep Waffle Palace of Love. Baobob Tree Press)

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