last night I dreamt you a mermaid
and watched soaked with horror
you fucking my least favorite shark

broke my fist against
a surprisingly strong codfish
that was floating below you jerking off

your sodomy drawing the attention
of various predators like a six pack of blood
torn open and allowed to hitchhike

finding its way down into
the deep depths of below
your hips jerk like a dinner bell

causing every conceivable form
of sea life to come running
like gang bang sushi bar extras

circled up and waiting their turn
in some miserable dark water stag film
starring the only goddamned girl I’ve ever loved

I try to put a stop to things
but I am a creature of  warm mud and oxygen
and all the air’s been knocked out of me

villains begin to blur as I float against things
towards the surface, last thing I can remember
is the grabby sweating of octopus tentacles

and the creepy light of those fucked up looking
things that live on the bottom their illuminated
claw stalks clamping and Long John Silver laughing

as he pulls me like a net
filled with fresh nightmares
from the sea



(from my book I See You, Lewis. Baobob Tree Press)

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