2012 Romney Debate Responses Rearranged Into GOP Love Poems


2012 Romney debate responses rearranged into GOP love poems

I Like The Way We Did It In Massachusetts

My vibrant military Model
My middle class Nancy Pelosi
You bi partisan/whisking burdon you

I like the way we did it in Massachusetts
with your two paths pushed together
and your reluctant housing market
wrapped around
my fully re-elected

(no, wait!)

We worked well together
like an astonished Big Bird
giving a woman-like Donald Trump
the matter of fact buisness

There was nothing PBS about it!

With you
my thing is too big to fail
and your thing
(chuckles) your thing
is a romantic
pre existing condition

I’ll tell you what, I haven’t layed down
a piece of legistlation like that
since Ann brought home those
disabled kids and we……..I mean

You don’t want to hear about that

The role of government
is not a role
substitute ‘government’
for ‘I love you’


My love is a trickle down love
That’s it
but it’s still love

(Look at me!
Don’t look at them!
They’re poor!)

That’s it


If my “you know’
was a child and the rest of me
was the parent

let’s just say I know where I’d decide
to send my…my….my student

You feel me?

I’m going to fund the (inaudible)
out of your school system
that’s for sure

You’re entitled to have your
private sector taken care of

I’ll ship my love to China
if you don’t agree with me

Let’s not debate this
Yes means yes, yes?

Let’s do
this then
(You know I’m right)

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