Missing You Expedition 2006


Missing You Expedition 2006: day 1


Missing You wakes

in the middle of the night

after a long day of not sleeping

ties on its blue bandana

and puts in another Bela Lugosi movie

stomach churning

like unwanted butter

because you’ve taken your love

on a long vacation

this flat assed futon mattress

of ours feels even flatter

without you

love is a wet sidewalk

in New York

dressed in the bones

of broken umbrellas

the distance a dark mountain

casually shucking walnuts

below her navel

Missing You curls itself

into a dumb lump which is

intended to resemble

a postcard

tapes this poem

to its forehead

like a stamp

and waits like that

with the VCR treading

those first awful

flames of daylight

until dawn



Missing You Expedition 2006: day 2


Missing You fed the cats today

They looked nap beat

and hungry

so it gave them some of the

good stuff

and now they’re chewing

like Marlon Brando

snorting hot gravy

off the every frames

of his acting day sceneries


when they’re finished

Missing You throws the empty

can into the bucket

beneath the dirty dishes

in our kitchen

counts the unwashed forks until

you come back again

while somewhere on the opposite end

of a completely different ocean

the moon shines like a bright donut

with the tip chewed off

and between the trees

of the all you can drink dance clubs

Kevin Federline unwittingly impregnates

another unsuspecting











Idiots On Mars

Missing You Expedition 2006: day 5


Sunday afternoon

Missing You

falls asleep while

not watching the Super Bowl

and wakes up around 9 p.m.

starts drinking again

and settles in for

a long night of leaky feelings

and Italian Sci-Fi

There’s a two hour time distance

hurtling between us

The Earth’s balance is off

and rotates like a half baked potato

limping through a dream of cold sour cream


You: In New York City

Missing You: In the mountains

and the

Idiots: On Mars

Unable to prevent the loneliness

from colliding against everything

It streaks across the sky like a large meteor

the size of a helmet-less planet

So tonight it’s over

we’re all doomed for sure

I take another two or three drinks

from the bottle and try to focus

what’s left of my attention

on the TV

In this particular movie

Claude Raines has

all the best lines

but he still manages

to die in the end

just like the rest of us

You can clever your way

out of a lot of things

But there’s no clevering your way

out of death

Cheers to Claude Raines

though, at least

for trying

The alien shrapnel may have

taken his body

But it’s that last line he delivered

that saved his soul



(from Missing You Expedition 2006 chapbook (the correct line spacing seems to be currently refusing to be transferred correctly to digital, but the words are all there)

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