I will bend bullets for you
arm wrestle perfectly strong freight trains
& over estimate the jungle

in exchange for


your confidence in matters regarding

our occasionally afflicted destiny

and a couple of really cool matching


I will do battle and conquer
the filthy chameleons which threaten
to impersonate the partially severed nerves
and shattered bones of those past nights
spent without you


I will wring the necks of concrete gargoyles

and take out a entire army of mangling Death Fiends

in what some up-and-coming reporter from Reuters

might at some point refer to as:


An Orgy Of Guns!


I will descend inside their double cemented rabbit holes

and in an orgy of guns and non-essential back story

I will lay waste to their on-line Real Estate Schools

and any other of their apocalyptic-ly organized vehicles

that might non-theoretically tend to piss you off


for your protection

and also our sanity


I will rearrange your enemy’s nightmares

so that they involve getting their cheek bones

crushed in by octopus-tentacle-faced Anesthesiologists

sporting old fashioned walkie talkies instead

of cellular phones


I will kick out the plate glass window

of any and all things that’ve ever gotten in the way

of the two of us living our lives like a couple of

Billy Squier songs


or maybe not Billy Squier songs exactly
How about I kick the plate glass window

out of anything that gets in our way of our not answering

the goddamned door on the weekends unless we want to


and then to that you could say something like

‘Ok’ and stuff, throw on your black pajama dress

and then we’ll just leave it at that

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