We Are Needed, The Signal

bat signal


we are needed, the signal

put down the wine cooler darling
help me pry yr face from my hands
outside the window can you see it
clinging to the sky like a desperate

postcard ransomed into a mailbox night
calling us into action angel together we
will make the difference we are needed
darling we’re always needed you grab the

grappling hooks i’ll find us some styling gel
this world is heart wrecked and screaming
bleeding in the streets for love there’s no time

to lose you grab the super hero boots and
what’s left of the pesto these movies were due
back yesterday we’re going to have late fees

again we’ll have to remember to
return them later you put yr boots
on, i’ll grab the capes


(from my book, Paper Thin, Farfalla/McMillan & Parrish Press)

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