Love vs. The Outrageous Bar Tab


love vs. the outrageous bar tab

a soft footed American
walked into an Italian bar w/ bright
sunlight behind him and
threw his hands up in the air

“My heart has been ambushed!”
he screamed like a sentient dartboard
bleeding, “These wounds are from Tokyo!”

his grief spoke w/ an English accent
his wounds fluent in Japanese

he asked the bartender for
a double shot of Crown Royal
w/ a Diet Coke chaser

downed the entire order with
sad eyes blinking/nerves quivering
horror and quickly asked for another

“Yasaon’a sasoku onnifujiyuw
sabishii and bachiatari.” he said,

warm whisky traveling down his
throat like a battered gondola
floating towards shelter

“She was more beautiful than my safety.”




(from my book Paper Thin, Farfalla Press/McMillan & Parrish)

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