The Assassination of Helen’s 29th Year by the Coward Birthday Time


The Assassination of Helen’s 29th Year by the Coward Birthday Time


Her 29th year lived in a 2 bedroom apartment on Pine St

next to a medium-height plastic fence behind which

paced a white haired neighbor, his head bobbing curiously

like the aperture of an un-convicted serial-shed-killer, back and

forth across the horizon of false lumber


as if dancing to granulated sounds put forth by

the li-cit-ri-cus chit-chatting of clock-ticked squirrels and

young stovepipe-shaped sidekicks dressed in stylish hats


Her 29th year was in possession of the most beautiful features

that included a magnanimous rack, which she was cautious about

exposing lest the entire world be melted completely into some sort

of ridiculous safe-cracking-type trance


When she walked into a room:


clocks moaned

partially read magazines exploded

unhealed bullet holes healed

busted televisions blinked rapidly

‘Martha’s good eatin’’ came out to dance


Her 29th year regretted neither its overall internal greatness

nor its hot-assed exterior casings

and on April 4th in the year 2008

It was 30 years old




(written for Helen, when we were still together, one year before the aftermath began)

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