Love’s Fondness For Yellow


Love’s Fondness For Yellow


I grew up in a yellow house

in the middle of a cornfield

refusing to listen to Big Bird

and being unable to use the word

‘jaundice’ convincingly

in a sentence

so it makes sense

you sexy sentence

that your hair

haunted by blondness

should remind me of

the barns

in which I once roamed………….

you are the yellow

and love has a fondness

for yellow

and in this case scenario

I am The Love!

some of the best things share your color

Captain Kirk’s uniform

The Comedian’s smiley faced

blood splattered button

The Fracking Sun!

yellow contains taught powers

yellow designs its own oxygen

yellow survives its dead stars

Mayakovsky’s shirt was fucking yellow!

like the curtains in this little

basement apartment

yellow is the color of fire

burning in a little possessed girl’s eyes

in a poster that hangs

above the toilet

[bit about urine being also yellow deleted

by early 1900’s Russian censors]

my love for you is yellow!

and love is yellow!

and I love you

like yellow!

with all yr tattoos

You’re my favorite album

and fondest memories

from those dark days

after the color had left me

if you ever left Chris Martin

Chris Martin would write a

song about your leaving

and I will sing that song to you

on your birthday

because it’s about goddamn time

for Chris Martin

to get over this shit

and move on

(pt 3 of an unpublished 4 part poem called Ft Vending Machine)

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