Infinity, Jewel



Infinity, Jewel




…in the picture

Jewel was wearing a shirt

that said

Who Will

Save Your Soul?

but the way the text was laid out

he read it as


Who Will

ave Your Soul?


and was like

What the fuck does that mean?



he was intoxicated

and lonely

and the ‘S’ was

hiding on the other side


of her chest…





He doesn’t remember how it happened

but he can remember it happened



as if he had no choice in the matter

even though if he’d been given that choice

he would’ve more than most likely responded:




it happened

just like it happened

when it happened


just like that


and the next morning he woke up in bed,

rolled over,

and he was Facebook friends

with Jewel


they had breakfast together


he made omelets

they ‘liked’ a few links

posted by Scientific American


and during the whole time

in which this happened


he was thinking they’d had sex

the previous night

but what they’d really done

was simultaneously share a particularly

vibrant quote by Jules Verne


he’d made a dumb joke about her middle name

being Vern

even though it wasn’t


and they’d ate/eaten

the rest of their breakfast

in silence


and then Jewel got up

and left

but before leaving


she turned to him

and smiled like a recent photo

of herself standing in Aspen



for the purpose

of skiing


and she whispered something

about the Big Bang being

a sunburn


and what comes after

pealed skin


and then his roommate

walked in on the whole thing

and requested she sing


What If God Was One Of Us


and Jewel was like

I didn’t write that song


and I was like,


so ends part one…

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