eyebrow to eyebrow



Fort Vending Machine: a poem in four collars


dedicated to The Six Million Dollar Man and Vladimir Mayakovsky



Collar 1:


eyebrow to eyebrow


today I saw the whole world bleeding real jobs


today I saw a giraffe penis

fully staffed


I saw both things


for the first time


side by side





sweating wet serum


cracking safes

in dried blood




more people were killed by wheelbarrows

then killed by Madonna


but that’s only because

wheelbarrows never sleep

and Madonna didn’t get out of bed

until noon


eyebrow to eyebrow


we are the generation

that walks around with

black eyes

while pretending

like champs

that we dodged

the punch


the only things that scares us more

than eating shit pies at 12:30

is the goddamn thought

of skipping lunch


we are an eyebrow

stalked by an eyebrow


we are the facial hair

in denial of the face



it’s a goddamn crazy



like getting stuck in

a traffic jam caused

by a baseball game


or breathing


or love

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