Infinity, Jewel (pt 2)


Infinity, Jewel (pt 2)


They worked all day

and when they got home

he turned on his laptop


and Jewel decorated a Christmas tree

even though they were damn near

dead center in the middle of December’s

demise & its eventual

return to existence


(ergo: it’d just fucking turned June)


He asked Jewel about her day

and she asked him if he’d noticed

a Santa-hat-wearin’ angel

flopping around here somewhere


it’d either followed Kirk Cameron’s

crazy film career back to heaven

or maybe it just fell out of the box


She didn’t know


He’d lost angels before

so he didn’t take the missing



He promised to help her

look for it but before his promise

could clear his lips shuttle bay doors


Jewel’d already abandoned the tree

and everything decorative

that went along with it


instead of strategically placing tinsel

Jewel sat on the couch with a brazed look

on her face as if she’d awakened


to find: 1. she’d kill a man

  1. She’d wasted an unbearable amount

of her life ordering hand lotion online

  1. Hoopastank was more than just a bad dream


“What have I done?” Jewel whispered


the man mistook her words

for a tricycle

and began to ride


the verbal regret

of Jewel’s own inner horror

around the room

in a combination of both circles

and semi-circles










and maybe it worked

and maybe it didn’t


“I had a dream last night that

you were taking medication for your

anxiety and there were side effects


strange side effects”

Jewel said


The medication caused him to cum bacon.


He wasn’t quite sure how to take that


He tried to arrange her dream into

another tricycle, but the damn thing

refused to hold together


with the night slopped up against the moon


Jewel walked out of the living room

her footsteps grounded like flowers


as he sat there


specific pop songs


in a pile of his own bacon

and empty pill bottles


and cum

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