Neon Carrot



Neon Carrot


in the vegetable garden

of this evening’s cracked sanity

there’s something wrong with these

goddamned carrots!


the local rabbits who subsist on such things

have grown talk shows on their knee caps

and their piss has turned the color

of Jay Leno’s chin


a humorless shade of pink marshmallows

and overpriced car wax


the Experts suggest Pesticides


and the Pesticides suggest Experts


which leads me to believe it’s all just

one big con job and the fucking thin skins

are in on this thing together


so instead of fumigating between hillsides

which at this point

would be futile

I grab another notebook

and start over


The air smells like robot shadows

and laundry mat solar flares


as I write something down about the air

smelling like robot shadows and laundry mats


and try my best to avoid eye contact

with these goddamn radioactive carrots


that have taken over

too much

almost everything

that’s been left


in our ground

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