Real Estate

alien attack

Real Estate


the sign said Saratoga Police Dept

but for some reason he read it as Jonny Depp

parallelograms of quinoa serenading an overpopulation

of crock pots, lemonade stands confined to wheelchairs


she drank Coronas laying down, rodeos of obliged anal

confined behind flannel pajamas; her letters were written in Reno

and sent on seafaring vessels to Carl’s Jr, South Australia,

and this place that was pretending to be Rome


but it wasn’t really Rome, where calculators are falling for tornados

armed with eight fingers and a banjo shaped like a toilet

I mean, her new boyfriend smells like french fries and shampoo


Oh You Nasty Invaders!, His life now lived like a cracked debit card

their love was an indigenous species, and we all know what happens to

indigenous species                         They’re the first to go

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