Sloppy Joe Day At The End Of The World

the 100


Sloppy Joe Day At The End Of The World


He didn’t really eat meat anymore and tried like hell

to avoid bread but it was Sloppy Joe Day at the end of the world

because everyones hearts had been broken and opening a can

of Manwich sauce is so much easier


than attempting to create a goddamn salad from scratch

nobody likes to do dishes when they’re lost, especially this guy

because he was really bad at it, incompetent to the point

where he was embarrassed. I think I’d be less uncomfortable


with a stranger watching me masturbate than I would

if they’d walked in and caught me washing a pan

he tried to explain to an episode of The 100 Season 2


that he was watching on Netflix

but The 100 wasn’t listening

The 100 was thinking about someone else

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