I Don’t Have Poop In My Butt

matchbox twenty


look at the light picking a fight

with the stress ball

shadows just laying there like a fist kick

in the nuts                         (stop)


what are you doing for the big Holiday, Helen?

Ya, right. That sounds lovely

I’ve got a Chef Boy R Dee pizza in the other room

I’ve got a stress ball over there, weeping in the corner


with its nuts up in a recently punched in sling

I’ve got access to a small army of movies on Netflix and I’m stuck with

this future-ly projected memory of what I’m pretty sure it might be like


to be with this specific someone that is someone other than you .

I know, right? Lord knows I’ve done enough of the all this bitching

about everything, but; Her eyes are like etc., I mean.


If we don’t count Rob Thomas:

Who knew?

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