I was reading a book the other day and came across this one bit that said ‘She smelled like oranges ought to smell’ as they jumped into the sex scene but it didn’t really say oranges what it really said was ‘She smelled like angels ought to smell’ but at the time, when I’d still thought it’d said oranges, I found myself nodding my head in agreement it made perfect sense to me sex should smell like oranges not angels in my opinion angels should totally smell like something else she smelled like oranges the last time we made oranges and now that she’s left me I can no longer swallow specifically colored Tic Tacs and the last guy I came across who smelled like oranges I ended up punching in the throat because I was under the impression at the time that he’d recently made oranges with her and I was already angry but it turned out that he just works at Orange Julius I didn’t notice his fucking uniform until later and by then it was too late you can’t take a punch in the throat back just like I still have no idea why she left me or what the fuck I was doing that day at the mall

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