LV 425 1/2

jon b j


LV425 1/2


my dick caught

in sorrow’s mouth

and its own zipper

at the exact same time


your vagina willingly capsized

on the shores of another man’s

coconut clipped island

3 blocks from the last time

my chest broke open like a cracked comb


Moscow Russia

as opposed to

Moscow Spain


we were in love like drunken geography

and every goddamn metaphor for love

ever used in every song

ever sung by a long haired Jon Bon Jovi

and then some


but then Pluto ceased being a planet

in textbooks and you stopped loving me

or something like that


you stopped loving me

to the point where I get it

but still limp


like a swimming pool

going down on a plate

of Young Guns 2 movie reviews

between H.R. Gieger’s deathbed

and the last bottle on earth

of diet cherry







(from The Planet Poems Or Something Like That) 

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