That’s Not Where It’s Supposed To Go, Helen



that’s not where it’s supposed to go, Helen

(LV 37902 -3)


that’s not where it’s supposed to go, Helen

but you put it there anyway


and now Donald Trump is dancing the poles

towards being the new President




the days piss warm reruns

and cold 7 Up


is that what you were looking for, Helen?


there ain’t nothing vegetable about an asshole

so why do they call it a tossed salad?

an asshole is meat and a tunnel

for excrement


is this the world you were shooting for, Helen

was it worth it?

was anything worth it?


global warming

vs police brutality

vs a beheaded lion


and him I guess,

you’ve got him


is this how you envisioned it?

are you happy?


am I really still writing about this shit?


I should be watching Planet of the Apes

so I’m going to watch

Planet of the apes




I’m no longer sure what’s necessary

but I’ve still got the wrist watch…………….


do the days fry you with glee?

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