This world was shit out

the cosmic ass of an ephemeral

robot built by a mysterious

race of aspartame addicted

space turtles

who live in a multi-dimensional

space ship nicknamed

The Misplaced Toiletpaper


(official name Space Shell 1701-64)


the robot shit the world out

before collapsing into a jagged pile

of nervous fireworks


and that’s how all this was born


Due to their stubborn aspartame dependence

the space turtles maintained horrible memories

so when their robot shat out the world

the turtle gods thought


“What just happened there?

Did the robot just shit things?”


and then they got distracted

by the dark sides of evolution

and a sudden disruption in

their internet connection

when all they wanted to do

was watch The Wire


and while not watching

The Wire they forgot

where they shit us


and that’s why

we’re so goddamn


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