I Want To Pack Your Items in a Box That Says ‘Eggs’


I Want To Pack Your Items in a Box That Says ‘Eggs’


I never thought about the fist

coming out of the tunnel before


the tunnel being

it’s sleeve


I never thought about

where turtles come from


I was just ecstatic that they could fly

that first time I watched Gamera


in the bathroom

at the local Walmart

someone in the bathroom


pissed tomato soup


Jabba The Hut loves Twinkies


King Kong might’ve loved

french fries

but instead

King Kong loved


Fay Wray


Expho-lee-ate this!


I’ve got the Pepto Bismo Blues


I can see through everything these days

and still I find everything baffling


our love hopped in a helicopter

but this helicopter’s not landing

and all the parachutes have been laced

with bee shit



and we all know

there’s nothing aerodynamic

about bee shit


so our love hit the ground

like a dump truck


and the ground took the punch

like the tunnel takes the train

when the train has no idea

where it’s going

or which thing to follow


because trains are for the most part

stupid creatures

and love leaves



like a hearse

in the snow

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