Judge Judy



Judge Judy


it goes something like ‘Yr honor, she broke my heart’ Her: ‘Your Judge-ishness, I never even really liked him’ Him: Last week you were saying we should get a puppy. I don’t want a goddamn puppy! But I said Are you kidding me?! That’s a great idea! Let’s get a puppy! because I love her, Councilor Judy, so if I gotta put up with a puppy because she wants one, so what? Judge Judy: ‘ Nobody ever has a goddamn point.’ Dude: If she wants a puppy, we’ll get a puppy. Shit. It was her idea. But now she don’t want anything?’ Lady: ‘That’s not true, your honor. I still want a puppy.’. Dude: ‘Objection your honor!’ Judge Judy: ‘I know what an ipod is now. Louis told me about them the other day. Do either one of you own an ipod?’ (makes wavy hand gestures) Nobody says shit for a little bit. Judge Judy to the Bailiff: ‘Did you see that Kati Perry half time show? Sharks can’t dance. That’s ridiculous’. Lady to Guy: ‘I’m sleeping with your unborn brother’. Him: ‘That’s just, so unfair’


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