Power Thru



‘Power Thru’


Human robots at the 7-11 pimping

Prime Rib Flavored potato chips

In an election year

Whose mouth is full of dead beef

And between chokes

During the moments in which the gag reflex

Temporarily climbs its way

To the front line in the poles

Everything is said

And everything is contradicting

And the truth is kicked

Until unconscious

By a mobile unit

In charge of transporting white supremacist

Courting orange hair

Towards an earthworm scented army

Beneath a sun that sweats weathered anal beads

And horse glue


Another brand new day

Where it’s too early for anything

Especially interacting

With all these things that insist upon bouncing about

Pretending to be people

When all I want to do is pay for this diet Big Gulp

And swim back to the car

Because I’ve got a broken heart

And a xanex hangover

The size Donald Trump insists

His hands to be and not the actual size

That they are

And there’s a woman standing in the line beside me

Who’s talking in a stage voice

That’s being sued for divorce by the stage

And she’s going on about ‘kitty litter’

As if it’s the answer to everything

As if kitty litter’s gonna save us all

Giving advice to who goddamn knows

She was addressing her imagined Ted Talk towards her phone

The other end could’ve been empty

Or not empty, but for the sake of not giving up

On everything completely right now

Let’s assume the positive

She was talking to a friend who was fond of her

And not a dead phone that never gave a shit

But the thing is, I was only 15 minutes post exiting base camp

And already exhausted by people

But the kitty litter lady was interesting

So I decided to stick it out like I don’t always decide

To stick it out and instead of fleeing back to my futon

I remained in line listening to the kitty litter lady

Make her case for the miracle that is kitty litter

She said things like:

Put kitty litter in an empty paint bucket

If you want to prevent spiders from turning your backyard garden

Into 8 leg each multi-partner orgy sex motels

Your garage window is broken?

Put kitty litter on it.

Problem solved

You hurt your back?

Have you not been listening?

Kitty litter!

It’s a gift from an Ancient Aliens episode

That hasn’t even happened yet!

Believe it!

Kitty litter also prevents wrinkles

But the application process isn’t pretty


If a child’s goldfish dies, bury it in kitty litter

Then sell the tank when the kids not looking

Because as great as kitty litter might be

It can’t make

Dead fish walk beneath water

Or the one who’s willingly left you

Come back

When they don’t want too

So: what else is going on?


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