(scribbled words of the alphabet)


Falling in love is like blood work


Having your heart broken feels like

The twelve hours of fasting

Inevitably required

Before you realize you’ve been

Extracted from her life like a swift pop song

And the punch of the needle

Kicks you in the emotional nuts


(more letters from the alphabet)


Because love is like starving


And before you know it 12 hours

Turns into half a dozen years

And a half a dozen years turns into a really long synth solo

And the fasting goes on

And it goes on

And it goes on


And I’ve recently come to the conclusion

That shit man, of course it hurts

But what doesn’t these days?

So why am I not chewing by now?

I’m lonely and

The blood tests are over and

I’m starting to believe in it all again

Neo in the end of The Matrix subway style and shit and

I’m starving!


I mean, Proper Name, Curse Word, Christ!

I just downloaded Bon Jovi’s first album

That I haven’t listened to since a full grown mullet

And 9 and a half hours before the extinction of the cassette


And ipso-now-o I’m 15 again in a good way

The boom boxed days before I’d had my heart blue tank-topped

By damn near everything and still believed that love would save everything

and atrocities like Nickelback

And President Trump could never exist


Because, shit


I’m rambling again, and I’d promised myself

I wouldn’t start rambling

I promised myself in an orgy of hairspray and ghosts and mousse

That this one would be short




alphabet words

alphabet words

alphabet, is that how

you spell mousse?


I mean, the point is:


Fasting + metaphor divided by the fact

That I can’t spell divided without spellcheck anymore

Sub-divided by the fact that

I’m an empty stomach

alphabet words

Tired of being empty

alphabet words

ending with:


alphabet words

alphabet words


Will you be my cheeseburger?

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