love is a long and bloody prison break


love is a long and bloody prison break


love is a long and bloody prison break

time shakes behind bars

without you


I watch rented movies

with this green Moleskin

while clutching my pillow shark


surrounded by internet

and everything I own in cardboard boxes

and the impeached sounds of two lost mice

making love

in the wall


and it’s

I don’t know,

it’s just…………………

nerve-wracking in here


this afternoon in the cafeteria

this guy named Lefty started

a right handed green bean fight

with this guy who’s doing 10 years for organizing

turtle fights without a turtle

and all the other appropriate permits


they cracked the living shit out of each other

as the dead shit remained dead

it was like watching two tomatoes independently

impaling themselves on a couple of bottles

of ketchup

(while the relish jerked off)


I watched the entire thing

like a cannon ball, hurtling away from

from that thing that no longer wants it anymore,

in love with its own cannon

(I’m such a ball….)


and despite the fact that I hadn’t eaten anything

for several boxes of years

I couldn’t finish my jello


prison jello, Helen!


Days sticking it to days

Over and over again without you

It’s too much


(tomorrow I begin training

my big toe to behave more like a small shovel)


Love is a long and bloody prison break

The crime is a pocket of pockets

But, shit

Eventually, some of us manage to escape


Big Foot,

The Loch Ness Monster,



While the rest of do our time

and clutch pillow sharks behind bars

drinking cheap wine that tastes like it was made out of a toilet


watching plays put on

by dead mice


and this may just be the toilet wine talking

but despite everything


the Trumpisms

and loss

and madness

involved with our eternally current positions


I’m still pretty sure

that if I just watch Planet of the Apes

one more fucking time


I’ll figure out: Everything

And that everything will be able to save us



Planet of the Apes, watched one more time

goddamn it!

(we cling to what we’ve got to cling to)


Could save us all

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