Tomorrow Is June 30th, June 30th

Tomorrow Is June 30th, June 30th
On June 30th’s
I always feel like I’m standing in Tokyo
but I’ve never been to Tokyo
so where I’m standing is a place
that I’ve made up based on words,
stock footage,
and missing you
in my head
on June 30th’s I live in a dream
and in the dream the sun looks like the moon
and the moon looks like a ball full of cats
purring along to the opening notes
of early Bon Jovi                  (Tokyo Road)
everything that’s shitty about everything
gets replaced by bowling trophies, sombreros
and trout
because in this dream
Brautigan put the gun down
and traded in all thoughts of pulling the trigger
for another shot of love and whiskey
and an entire library
of more time
in the dream Brautigan’s still breathing
he’s 81 years old
and the reason the world doesn’t know
he’s still around
is he’s been living
in my basement
on June 30th’s
he comes upstairs
and we watch Planet of the Apes
with the sound down
and write dick poems
about Charlton Heston
until we’re both too drunk
to spell ‘dick’ right
or we pretend the cats speak
Japanese and that’s why we don’t know
what they’re saying
one time we ordered a pizza
but our order got mixed up
and they brought us the Empire State Building instead
so for the rest of the day
we lived in the Empire State Building
and took turns being King Kong
until our hearts
had been made
out of bullet holes
and whoever the fuck
dream-owns the Empire State Building
kicked us out

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