Slow Piano Music


slow piano music

slow piano music was invented by quarantined dragons
who flapped their hearts between wings that were stained
with ancient nicotine and breathed fire straight from the bottle
because their caves were nocturnal and phosphorescently empty

yet the loneliness never left them the world outside being
too goddamned natural its hobbies including harsh moaning
and the hatred to camp, they wept constantly and their tears
grew up to be dinosaurs and the dinosaurs sorrow formed a gang

which called themselves The Extinctions and out of that came
the beatles which were mimicked eventually by monkeys
and then their caves evolved over time into bodies

thus human beings were born with the legacy
of slow piano music plunked inside their bones
everyone has their own song to bare each tune different,

not snowflake different for fucks sake–just different
i recognized yours almost immediately the minute you walked
into that hellish room, hummed you to myself for months
until we met again, sang you in the shower

whisper you to myself softly tonight
trying unsuccessfully to re-tune myself
to the fact that you’re gone

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