Infinity, Jewel (part 3)


Infinity, Jewel (part 3)

(for the 4th of July)


sitting at his computer

on the 4th of July

staring through Facebook

at a picture


of the pop star posing

at the bow of the boat

while wearing a bikini


he pretended that he

wasn’t just staring at a picture

he pretended that he was Skyping

with Jewel


she swore that she missed him

and that she’d be home soon


and he told her that he was no Christian Grey

“Enjoy yourself. I’m fine.

It’s not like I’m secretly

plotting to chart a plane


to come find you because

I’m narcissistically needy

and don’t trust you.


Take your time. I’ve got plenty of things

to do around here. I’ll see you when

you get back.


I love you.”


and despite the fact that she looked

almost sunburned, Jewel confessed

that she loved him too


after closing down their Skype connection

or however that works

the man turned from his laptop


and walked over to say hello to the blu ray player

that also played dvd’s


he put in the 30th anniversary edition

of Jaws on its 40th birthday


because he felt like being around people

without all the going-out-hassles

of being around people


watching Jaws was the closest thing

he’d come to hanging out at the beach

in years


and there’s nothing wrong with that!


Jewel isn’t ignoring his phone calls

because he’s never called her, and besides that

she’s real busy


I mean, happy birthday


you’re still fuckable


he thought to himself

before grabbing the most recent copy

of US magazine while wondering


about the environment

and walking upstairs

to take a bath

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