Trump Drives On Deep Into Twitter


Trump Drives On Deep Into Twitter


(Watermelon 1) (of a 12 Watermelon poem)

            –for Richard Brautigan, on his birthday


January 30th, 2019, another irritable-balls-syndrome’d year

inside which Brautigan’s still dead

and the entire goddamn world has tossed itself

into the paper mache pit


where memories thumb rides with their elbows

and end up walking

until their shoes conk out


I catch my breath in old sci fi novels

and writing anything in this world I’ve ever lost

into some sort of relevant metaphor

for my dick


I’ve got a thing for 1970’s control panels

in real life

on TV

in my pants


These 2019 modern day electronics do nothing

but make feeling bad about everything: easier


This morning I’m convinced that everything loops

selfi-sticks and cell phones killed the dinosaurs

and after that they went away for a bunch of millions of years

waiting out evolution

for their next chance to pounce


Is love in the air?

Is love not in the air?

What is air?


Once upon now dead days,

His library card was sleeping

with her entire poetry section


Tonight his library card

has given up on sleeping

and stays up forever


making haiku’s out

of all of its late fees and

watching the Bionic


Woman all over again

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