The World Is Burning My Dick Off


The World Is Burning My Dick Off


The world is burning my dick off!


It’s too much

most times, goddamn it!

It’s too much!


but then I see she’s painted her fingernails

dark blue

and remember

how she can’t fall asleep

without the fan on

just like I can’t fall asleep


I can’t fall asleep that way too!


she saves spiders!


and we share coleslaw

that has apples in it

for some reason


or if not apples

at the very least

something similar

that is apple-based


while together we wonder

why anyone would mix apples

with coleslaw


to begin with


these combinations

which occur daily

they seem most times


to be inspired by madness!


they seem at most times

at the very least to be



at all times



the other day I realized

that I’m already older

than Kafka


and that love is already

older than bugs


and that time is a microwave oven

with the button that says ‘popcorn’

meticulously/almost all the time




you can’t shut the damn thing off!

everything is just everywhere!

everything pops!


love is older than bugs

and she saves spiders


are spiders technically bugs?

they always tend to ask

even though that’s not

the most appropriate question


the point is:

she saves love!


as if it were spiders


and I am saved by our

mutual confusion

with coleslaw



all these things

in need of saving


bet their savings

on the avoidance

of straight jackets


while I continue………..



between a not so subtle void

and her nail polish

as everything else

keeps popping




This world is burning my dick off


but because tonight

her nail polish

is blue

and there’s still a chance

the neighbor’s dogs

will stop barking

and did I forget

to mention here

that her nail

polish is



maybe I’ll be ok

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