This Year I Watched The Game In The Middle of the Night on My Birthday


This Year I Watched The Game In The Middle of the Night on My Birthday


canned corn

or cold cream?


her toenails smiled like cigarettes, screaming


the highways griddled

with jam band bumper stickers

and road kill


and tonight


I can’t tell which is worse


dick balm

or Donald Trump?


not dick balm, obviously

Trump is the price humanity pays

for allowing their fear and hate

to make them gullible


at least the dick balm’s trying to be helpful


“There’s something wrong with my dick, doc.”

“Yeah, that looks weird, all right. I’ll write you

a prescription for some balm. It won’t read

like Dostoevsky, but it’ll help”


Tonight I pledge allegiance to dick balm,

goddamn it, because dick balm’s almost never lied to us

and refuses to set up a Twitter account


and Trump’s just some rich daddy’s boy sh-muck

who walks around running his mouth

like somebody taught herpes how to speak


the truth is a small boat surrounded by pitchforks

slinging icebergs

and the sharks circling the catastrophes below

are fat because there’s a lot of calories

in deep frying democracy

and human flesh gets fatty

as it’s leaking its own blood


Maybe, I don’t know, but:


These sharks,


they’re all rushing their assistants to the printers

to add Oligarch, etc in the corners of their new

business cards and naming their goddamn first born

‘Donald, Jr.’


I portend, that


in the near future hair gel

will be considered more American

than ketchup


our damage lingers against the details

and while we’re temporarily on the subject

of details,


Hey there, skyline!


what’s going on?

your gladiolas don’t seem happy

to see me


Did you know that last week at some point

it was my birthday, and for my late night birthday movie

I was going to watch Planet Of The Apes

but then all of a sudden at the last possible second

I switched it up

and watched David Fincher’s “The Game”

instead, because I’d remembered in The Game

it was also Michael Douglas’ birthday


I bet you didn’t know that, hell

I learned something new that night too


I learned that I’m now only one year younger

than Michael Douglas’s character was

in The Game


Full disclosure:

I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do

with that information right now


but for absolutely nothing

and also a multiverse of ridiculous reasons

it freaks me out

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